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Kaiseradler Logo by Meredyth
Kaiseradler Logo
First Logo design for an alternate history project set in the late 19th Century.
Letters based on 'A Gothique Time' free font.
Digital work (c) 2014
Nadja Aleksandra Danelowa by Meredyth
Nadja Aleksandra Danelowa
Nadja Aleksandra Danelowa, mysterious and seductive daughter of a Russian entrepeneur, is a versatile player in the game of information and intrigue in late 19th Century's Vienna.
One in a series of character concepts for an alternate history project set in the late 19th Century. Digital work (c) 2014
Gernot von Abasch by Meredyth
Gernot von Abasch
Friedrich 'Fritz' David Lange, East Prussian hussar and spy on His Imperial Highness' Secret Service (1888).
One in a series of character concepts for an alternate history project set in the late 19th Century. Digital work (c) 2014
Samuel B. Frost by Meredyth
Samuel B. Frost
Colonel Samuel B. Frost, highly decorated Confederate war hero, huntsman, and adventurer, exploring the late 19th Century's Africa, Europe, and Asia together with his close friend Lutz von Auerhammer. Trad. drawing (c) 2014
Fritz David Lange by Meredyth
Fritz David Lange
Friedrich 'Fritz' David Lange, East Prussian hussar and spy on His Imperial Highness' Secret Service (1888).
One in a series of character concepts for an alternate history project set in the late 19th Century. Digital work (c) 2014


Duncan Meredyth
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Nonconformist, swordsman, artist, servant of the soul...

Current Residence: Germany part of Midgard
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Operating System: Windows 7
Skin of choice: Female
Favourite cartoon character: Batman
Personal Quote: The Meaning of Life is Written on a Blade
'Let there be contests!'
The call went out from :icongrimgloomtale: to rally for the 11th contest of that illustrious group, to depict the beginning of an adventure. Thirteen artists took on the task. You can see all of them here The Adventure Begins - contest #11This contest has ended. The winners announcement can be found here.
Pack your socks and Narnia maps, and don't forget about the handkerchief!
After listening to your comments, I decided to postpone my prepared theme and go along EccentricTeatime's idea, which was earlier widely endorsed by other GrimGloomTalers.
It's not about the adventure itself - it's about how it begins. A carefully planned journey with a backpack full of anything you could possibly need (and plenty of things you'd not need anyway)? Or did you just get into a crazy run with an armed tanuki escaping from a horde of legged fish? Or perhaps you're still sitting on the stairs before the porch and gather strength, as it is traditionally done in my region?
Your task is to depict or describe the beginning, whether it's the first step over the threshold or packing up the clothes, or planning everything over the map - or perhaps all at onc

while the outcome is reported in detail here The Adventure Begins - Contest WinnersHere is the conclusion of our second GrimGloomTale contest in 2014: your 42 votes have just been summed up, time to announce the winners. You can view all the entries as well as the contest's details here.
First Place

Almost Ready by akitku received from you 47 points.

Second Place

Are you ready to go? by EccentricTeatime got 41 points.

Third Place

Say goodbye by Kafkami s

These are the winners, presented with their winning piece and picks from their galleries. Their work is outstanding, so if you look at their sites and give them attention, your time will not be wasted.

Here we go:

:iconakitku: from Poland works traditional media and impresses with a subtle use of watercolour and interesting themes that always include some kind of story. She is featured here for the first time.
Almost Ready by akitku The stars shine brighter at sea by akitku Six Owls by akitku Merovingian Woman with Hounds by akitku

:iconeccentricteatime: from the US is another first and a rather astonishing hobbyist artist. With a unique imagination and her very own style she draws fantastic pictures of a world aside our own.
Are you ready to go? by EccentricTeatime Lady of the Lake by EccentricTeatime The Magician's Clocks by EccentricTeatime Beast of Burden by EccentricTeatime

:iconkafkami: from France was my personal favourite in the contest. Her art is rich in colour and mood. Her work is presented here for the second time!
Say goodbye by Kafkami Houleuse rencontre by Kafkami Hiver exotique by Kafkami Cavale fantomatique by Kafkami

:iconevelyntaliette: , also from the US, writes. She writes in a way that rips you in pieces and leaves you torn, yearning for more. 'Better Lands than Ours' is an introduction that keeps you poised for an epic adventure tale that is just around the bend. Let us hope for more...
Better Lands than OursShe had been planning this night for years, and with each passing day she felt as though she drew closer to her destination. This single destination, as it was classed in her mind, was actually a conglomeration of every distant land imaginable. They varied from the desert sands upon which the sun never stopped shining, blinding even in her imagination, to the castle upon distant cliffs that was painted to blend into the midday sky. She had heard of them from the wanderers who flocked to her father's eccentric store, and with each new description by another visitor their existence grew more possible, more feasible for her to reach once she left her domestic valley. In reality the fantastic lands lay an incalculable amount of distance away and grew no closer despite her feeling that they did so-- but her mounting courage to leave home did. And now the time had finally come.
She slung her small rucksack over her shoulder, just as she had done each night for years in preparation, both test
  Shattered Ice, Festering WoundsShe studies her face in the mirror; frigid turquoise eyes stare back, imitating the blank eyes of the dead. A sheet of white fabric floats idly around her black hairline, framing her pale, angular face. Absentmindedly, she brushes the cloth away before pressing her toughened hand against the glass, watching her mirror image do the same.
At least I have you.
Indecision lies in the curling of her youthful fingers, the worry of her lowered brow. Without a word she pulls the spider’s web of fabric over her face- an obscuring, shielding veil- and examines herself in the mirror.
Do I look the part of the jubilant bride?
She eases her lips into a masked, shy smile. She feels naked, though she’s wrapped in swaths of fabric. In the mirror, she resembles a doll dressed up in layers upon layers of heavenly snow. Just a mannequin, perhaps; a mold, practice for reality.
Maybe he won't notice.
Pushing herself into motion, she mechanically makes her way out of her roo
  Remembering Who You Once Were Little Eve,
Life can be told through numbers- did you know that, dear child? That by saying a few simple syllables, by writing a stream of organized marks, you can communicate so much. Everyone knows you can pack a world, a story, a person into just a few words- but none consider numbers. Then again, I know you’re not one for numbers- even now (if this letter arrives on time, of course) you’re beginning to favor the weaving of words instead of the futile calculation of numbers…
Enough of all that rambling, I have a feeling that you’re wondering why this is here. Well, I’m here to tell the story of us- of everything after you, of everything before me- in just the simple numbers of years gone by.
Just barely experiencing life. You were young, innocent, and free, though you had no knowledge of being any of these. After all, it's impossible to know just how free you are without once being imprisoned, or to know your youth without being old. You didn't ca

Congratulations to all! This was a great contest - again - and indeed, more is awaiting in the future.
May we meet there again!
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Dark Moon Rising by FALCONER
  • Reading: BEOWULF by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Watching: SHERLOCK
  • Drinking: Tea

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